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Technical Production : Conception, Development, Integration, References, Web Hosting 
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Data processing :

  • Any personal data on our website result from the delibarate communication of an E-mail adress on a requisition form.
    The E-mail adress is then only use to fulfil an enquiry
  • The collected E-mail adress will not be subject to transfer to a third party and will not be used by Caméléon Organisation.
    Caméléon Organisation does not use any kind of tracking devices (cookies, applet java or active X).
  • The law about "Computing and Privacy" of January 6th 1978 revised by the law of August 6th 2004 supervizes personal data transmission (automatic or manual data processing)
    You have the right to access, change, or erase your personal data (art. 34 of the law "Computing and Privacy").

You can do it on the following form : Contact / E-Mail.

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Cross Linking :

  • Link from third parties web sites to Caméléon Organisation authorizes a hyperliknk from any web site except those of a controversy, pornography or xenophobic nature, or able to hurt somebody's feelings.
    The link must lead to the home page of the web site, and must opens on a new window. The pages of the site canno't in any way take part inside the pages of another web site (Frame or iframe). The deeplink techique is totally forbidden, except in case of special authorization. Caméléon Organisation reserves the right, in any cases, to ask for the removal of a link if the referent (site source) does not respect the established rules and regulations. 
  • Link from to third parties web site :
    Caméléon Organisation reserves the right to create links to third parties web site tiers. You will leave Caméléon Organisation's web site accessing those links. The target web sites are not under Caméléon organisation's control, as a result, Caméléon Organisation is not responsible of their contents, of their links, changes or updates.

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Copyright  :

  • Legal clauses:
    The access to the site does not allow the use of it without Caméléon Organisation's agreement. Any use of the resources (photographics, iconographics, literal or relative to the line, page setting, structure...) presents on this web site site must be the object of a prior request to Caméléon Organisation.
    Caméléon Organisation concedes an authorisation of visualisation of the site's content.
  • Responsability :
    Caméléon Organisation makes a point to maximise the accuracy of the informations but canno't guararantee it or establish sufficiency.
    Caméléon Organisation has the entire right to change, any information of this web site, anytime and without any prior notification.

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